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Explore unruly emotions that may be at the root of the superpowers you will fully develop in the future. Transform yourself into a brave self-healer who is newly receptive to a host of medicinal clues that were not previously accessible. Avoid hanging out with people who are unreceptive to your influence. Avoid hanging out with people whose influence on you is mediocre or dispiriting. Hang out with people who are receptive to your influence and whose influence on you is healthy and stimulating. Influence the hell out of the people who are receptive to your influence.

Be a generous catalyst for them.

Nudge them to surpass the limits they would benefit from surpassing. Allow yourself to be deeply moved by people whose influence on you is healthy and stimulating. I realize it's a flamboyant, even extreme, declaration, but in my opinion, that's what is most likely to motivate you to do the right thing.

Your Horoscope for the Week of October 12 Is Finally Here, And Cancers: This Is Your Month!

Here's another splashy prompt, courtesy of philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre: "We only become what we are by the radical and deep-seated refusal of that which others have made us. He was 7 feet, 4 inches tall and weighed pounds.

As you might imagine, he ate and drank extravagantly. On one festive occasion, he quaffed bottles of beer in six hours.

Cancer Weekly Astrology Horoscope 23rd September 2019

Judging from your current astrological indicators, Scorpio, I suspect you may be ready for a binge like that. I sincerely hope you won't indulge in such wasteful forms of "pleasure.

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The point is to seek gusto and amusement that enhance your body, mind, and soul. You might want to write them on a piece of paper that you will carry in your wallet or pocket. Here's the first, from businessman Alan Cohen: "Only those who ask for more can get more, and only those who know there is more, ask. Chesterton: "We need to be happy in this wonderland without once being merely comfortable. They found that cellulose acetate, a chemical in the butts, protects the nests by repelling parasitic mites. Is there a metaphorical lesson you might draw from the birds' ingenious adaptation, Aquarius?

Could you find good use for what might seem to be dross or debris? My analysis of the astrological omens says that this possibility is worth meditating on. If and when that occurs, consider the following protocols: 1. Before you use your new treasure, say a prayer to your higher self, requesting that you will be guided to use it in such a way as to make yourself wiser and kinder. When you use it, be sure it harms no one. Express gratitude for it before and during and after using it. Use it in such a way that it benefits at least one other person or creature in addition to you.

See if you can use it to generate the arrival or more pixie dust or magical beans or enchanted potion in the future. When you use it, focus on wielding it to get exactly what you want, not what you sort of want or temporarily want. Willamette Week. Share on Facebook. Share on Twitter. Share on LinkedIn. You do not have to trust anyone and you do not have to sign contracts until you have read all the documentation and maybe have everything examined by a good lawyer.

The first few months can be very difficult for those who are looking for a new job that will not be able to find almost anything. The talks are not effective, the students can not pass the exams easily but they have to work hard and those who work within a company may have to face many quarrels, few rewards and even a change of job that is not conducive to progress.

And the risk of losing your job and being very dissatisfied with the work you have is really very high. Then if we talk about economic investments, real estate investments, then things become even more critical especially in the second part of the year with Mars that brings a lot of nervousness, stress and little psychophysical energy. Your mind is not clear and you must avoid any kind of investment with large sums of money otherwise the risk is to lose money that will not be easy to recover.

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Complications at the bureaucratic level with the possibility of significant economic losses due to a lawsuit, a financial problem, a person who decides to start a war against you. We must remain calm and we must not exaggerate with words and actions that could lead to serious professional problems. If you have a good job do not try to change the road, maybe going to a new city because the year is not good for changes. You are really very tired and you can not rest sufficiently so you can also make serious mistakes at work.

Luck - fitness Cancer unfortunately if Jupiter indicates luck and this planet is in opposition to your sky, this luck becomes exactly the opposite and that is bad luck. Jupiter unfortunately, when it is squaring or in opposition can become terrible and give huge problems to people who live this planetary aspect. Moreover, the current situation is also complicated by the opposition of Saturn which makes every day very tiring and with poor successes. The best advice we can give when these two planets are united in opposition is to do nothing, to stay still, not to carry out important projects that would otherwise lead to defeat.

On a physical level, especially after June with the quadrature of Mars that is added to the two oppositions of Jupiter and Saturn, the energy drop will be considerable and recover will be impossible. Health problems are not easy to solve but above all a serious problem to the bones or teeth that requires a lot of care and the intervention of good doctors.

The second part of this new year is very dangerous for the surgical operations but we must be careful of domestic accidents, accidents while driving the car and falls that can cause fractures that are not easy to treat. Obviously under this sky it would be better to avoid any type of travel, both for fun and for work, as you could have a lot of trouble and then reach the goals you have set.

A slander towards you requires a lawsuit or a serious bureaucratic problem that is not easy to solve. Do not overdo it with food and alcohol because you could get fat or lose weight terribly and the use of smoking could worsen a situation of ill health that comes from the past. The best thing to do is to take out insurance for protection against accidents and thefts at home.

Fortune Cookie Horoscopes: Week of June 26

Work and money. Luck and fitness. Aries: this year for you is quite complicated with the squares of Jupiter and Saturn and even Mars from June in your sky can bring a lot of nervousness that can create complications at the family and sentimental level. Work becomes difficult and expenses increase. Taurus: the chances of reacting to life are more concrete now and these months are really very important for the work that finally produces excellent successes and even at the economic level it is possible to manage the portfolio and earn more money.

Love also returns to be more engaging. Gemini: this year is not very interesting for you and indeed, in some moments it can be very complicated in terms of health but especially in economic terms with difficulties in the financial sector but also in interpersonal relationships and in the family. Very monotonous love. Cancer: terrible astral configuration that allows for various catastrophes at family, work, economic and sentimental levels.

Jupiter and Saturn that are in opposition also to the ascendant can procure many problems not easy to solve. Better to stay still and not to take risky steps.

Savage Love and Freewill Astrology - NOW Toronto lifestyle - NOW Magazine

Leo: in these months the professional situation does not run any risk but at the sentimental level you have to be very careful when the new passage of Saturn can create complications at the end of the year. Unfortunately, since June Mars is in trine to your ascendant and the energies can be recovered but also the nervousness increases.

Virgo: excellent astral configuration that makes it slightly less heavy the passage of Jupiter and Saturn and create good situations professionally and economically. Only love can be difficult to manage and the sentimental situation can get worse with the arrival of Mars in quadrature from June. Libra: this period is not easy to manage for you with the quadrature of Jupiter and Saturn ascending that can create various sentimental complications but above all work with enormous difficulty in solving problems.

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You do not have to invest money and you do not have to carry on unnecessary collaborations. Scorpio: During these months, you can live a very intense phase sentimental level and less intense in love only to see the things that are reversed. Mars you post from June and remains for several months in Aries sign can cause a lot of nervousness and quarrels with your partner. Sagittarius: the professional life proceeds fairly well considering that the projects that have started in the past year can progress and eventually bring money.

The current situation is quite complicated and does not foresee further successes but meanwhile in love the difficulties seem to have disappeared. Capricorn: excellent astral configuration for you that you can experience an amazing year in every sector of your life and you can really satisfy every need in economic terms. Love very engaging even in terms of sexual adventures but from June things get more complicated.

Aquarius: various difficulties with Saturn that is not your friend and that enters your sky only for some periods and for the end of the year.