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It will be difficult to reconcile your friends with a romantic partner on the 14th. They think a love affair has been commanding all your attention, and perhaps they are right.

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Your relatives will be jealous of your career success in mid-September. The Full Moon on the 14th finds you being celebrated by your work peers. A legal matter will be decided on or around the 14th, due to a tense Full Moon. Instead of dwelling on this setback, make an exciting plan for the future. Doing something adventurous and exciting will give you something special to look forward to.

People who have been trying to create problems for you will be crushed by your upbeat outlook. Arguments over an insurance refund, legal settlement or inheritance could erupt on the 14th, due to a contentious Full Moon. It will be necessary to hire a lawyer to represent your interests. Keep a record of all the messages you receive. By refusing to get drawn into this drama, you will prevail financially. The Full Moon on the 14th will fill you with a sense of urgency.

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Instead of putting more pressure on them, make a strategic retreat. After coming together and discussing your hopes, dreams and fears, a temporary separation may be in order. The Full Moon on the 14th invites you to take an extended break. Going on vacation will make you nervous at first. Instead of giving in to your greatest fears, envision the outcome you want. Friends will conspire against you on the 14th, when the Full Moon invites you to enjoy private pleasures. You need to devote more energy to the activities you love. Shopping at antique markets and communing with nature could be calling your name.

On the 14th, the Full Moon will shift your focus to family matters. It will be necessary to take time off work to cope with a real estate deal or domestic dispute. If your employer pressures you to put in long hours, you may decide to find another job.

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